Software for displaying data von LED screens, video walls or output via NDI or SDI for broadcast:

  • Standalone mode to display images, slideshows, texts, …
  • Simple but easy-to-use designer included
  • Can be integrated with other dbnetsoft software

Output options

Output can be in either of the following modes:

  • On-Screen for videowalls or LED screens or TVs
  • Via NDI (including transparencies)
  • Via SDI on Blackmagoc Decklink cards (including fill & key)


Software can be remoted and controlled in various ways: 

  • From other dbnetsoft software (e.g. RaceResultExchange)
  • Via included ScreensPro Client software
  • Via simple text protocol from anyone
  • Via TVInserts tool (needs to be purchased seperately)


The software includes a very basic designer. The layouts themselves are XAML files and can be edited with a text-editor as well.

For professional users, alternatively, Visual Studio can be used to design the layouts including the option to re-use themes and resources.


Instead of receiving data from remoting applications, ScreensPro can also query for the following sources standalone:

  • TCP (e.g. titles)
  • UDP (e.g. running clocks)
  • Serial (e.g. running clocks)
  • HTTP GET (e.g. lists from Race Result 12 or other URLs)


The software is licensed on a yearly-basis and must be activated over the internet on a single PC at the same time.

You can download a fully functional, time-limited demo version.