Software for exchange between Race Result 12 and other devices and workflows:

  • Upload of photo-finish results into timing points
  • Upload of timing impulses from timing devices to timing points, e.g. from ALGE-Timing Timy
  • Display of passing data on displayboards, e.g. on FDS MLED
  • Bulk or triggered sending of HTTP requests to send text messages or e-mails


Software will watch for changes in photofinish result files or directly process results via socket. No manual interaction is needed – all is automatically syned.


ALGE-Timing OptiC3.NET’s XML and FinishLynx LIF files are fully supported.

When wanting to bypass manual file exports one can use OptiC3.NET’s real-time socket XML export. Of course this also works with our own Photofinish software.

Manual Hand Timekeeping

The software can also be used for pushing manual hand timekeeping information. This is especially useful in case of missed transponders or tag reads.

Result Books

Often organizers require you to create result books, for instance after each stage of a road cycling race or after the event. Our software lets you define a list of reports from RACE RESULT and automatically compile these into result books. No need for tedious manual download of each report, selecting the contests and result selectors and then renaming files and merging them.

Display Boards

The software can drive ALGE-Timing GAZ/DLines as well as FDS MLED boards. One can show just a clock, runtime or countdown as well as showing real-time passings or time trials passings.

LED Boards/Videowalls

In combination with ScreensPro, this software can also drive any common videowall  under the finish arch oder standalone.


  • File-based import from OptiC3.NET (XML) or FinishLynx (LIFF) Results File
  • Directly taking results XML stream from OptiC3.NET via TCP/IP and bypass network drive issues
  • Uploading manual hand times or other timestamp sources from timing devices
  • Selecting a single measurement point in Race Result Online to sync times to

More vidoes and tutorials can be found in our YouTube channel.

The software is licensed to your Race Result customer account. Therefore you can use it with any event in your online account  event when working off-line. 

You can download a fully functional, time-limited demo version.

We provide a full documentation and tutorial for RaceResultExchange.