ALGE-Timing MT1 Exchange

Software for transforming impulses from ALGE-Timing MT1 devices to standard ALGE or TAG HEUER Protocol on serial ports or ethernet.


Keyed-in bib numbers and impulses are shown in real-time in the software and transformed for downstream  timing software.


The software outputs stages and impulses as standard ALGE or TAG HEUER protocol.

As an example, a stage on an MT1 is sent as “n0001″ and an impulse as ” 0001 C0¬† 12:34:56.7890″ for


Flexible Mappings

Mappings define what to transform from MT1 to the output port. You can define what MT1 device is positioned at the finish (or start). Also you can define the channel that an impulse is output with depending on the MT1 it is received on.


  • Direct connection in real-time to ALGE Results Platform¬†
  • Monitoring of MT1 devices (last time responded, battery state, …)
  • Transforming of keyed in bib numbers on an MT1 and formward to ALGE or TAG HEUER protocol
  • Transforming of impulse on an MT1 and forwarding to ALGE or TAG HEUER protocol
  • Transformed to procotol can be used in virtually any timing software on the market

The software is licensed to your ALGE Results Platform account. Therefore you can use it with any MT1 devices that are registerted with your account.

You can download a fully functional, time-limited demo version.