Consulting &
Custom Software Solutions

We consult some of the biggest players in the sports-industry and provide them with custom, professional built custom software products fit for their needs.


Besides us being on-site many events ourselves, we also help other companies in the sports-timing industry with our experience and hands-on help.

Custom Software

We plan, develop and maintain custom software that is built according to our customers needs and enriched with our experience in the knowledge of both the sports and IT.


Take a look at some of our customers that we support with consulting and software:

STIHL TImbersports

We provide maintenance and programming on their vast line of timing and live results software. 


We program many software that ALGE-Timing is giving away to their customers including IDCam, ShowJumping, Training, …

All Terrain Skate Cross ATSX

We provide a historical data results platform for international ice cross events including the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championships. 

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