Integrated design and playlist software for videowalls

to bring live content and edited layouts to any screen size

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Screens is our integrated solution for bringing content of any kind to bigscreens/videowalls. The software comes with a standalone rendering engine, a simple designer and a playlist tool.


Server / Render Engine

The Server runs on the same computer that is connected to the scan-converter of the videowall. It is rendering out the requested layouts, being able to render several background layouts at the same time.

You can have several clocks or countdowns running at the same time. Also videos or sponsor loops are no problem.



The integrated simple designer allow to add and change elements on the layouts.

The software comes with a set of generic templates for e.g. playing videos or showing freetexts.


Client / Playlist Tool

This tool allows to create pre-defined layouts and properties like create a freetext layout with a welcome text or showing a sponsor loop with logos from a certain directory. This generic tool also allows to loop several layouts together in a sequence (e.g. show clock for 5 seconds, then twice a sponsor loop)


Custom Integration

A broad range of ALGE-Timing software already has integration into the server like Time.NET 2. Your own software or tools for timekepping and scoring can be integrated either by us or the vendor.


Clocks run autonomously on the render computer

Several running clocks or countdowns are no problem and they all run smooth and in sync

Texts can be set to autosize or trim words or characters to not excess the visual area of the videowall

When running sponsor logo loops, animations can be set when changing images

Any ALGE-Timing device that outputs to display boards can be connected to display rank, time and athlete infos

Lists can scroll one line after the other or page-wise

Simple scoreboards for e.g. football can be quickly created and played




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