State-of-the-art multi-point and multi-source timing software

for impulse- and transponder-based timekeeping

ManagedTiming.NET → Turn-key Timing Software

Keying in bib numbers and trying to keep track on start- and finish-line crossings on a timing device is tideous enough - managing intermediates even more. This is where our brand new timing software ManagedTiming.NET shines. The timing device is only responsible for recording the crossings with a time of day information. The rest is done by our software: Predefined starting orders, collecting split-times from multiple timing devices, automatically rejecting false impulses and many more. The final times will be forwarded in real-time to any other evaluation software on the market.


Easy and intuitive timekeeping

The timekeeper is presented with a dashboard that allows him to keep track on where the athletes are and is notified in case of any missed impulses or false impulses. The rest is all automatic like validity windows or moving athletes from one intermediate to the next.


Endless impulse sources

Impulses and Time-Of-Day can be collected from virtually any traditional timing device by using startwands, pushbuttons or lightbeams as well as modern transponder systems.

For instance, start- and finish times will be taken from the main timing device, whereas split 1 is taken from transponder and split 2 and split 3 from a dedicated timing device.




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